ECU Diagrams.

This page is for various Nissan ECU pinouts + Engine loom diagrams.

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280ZX Turbo - 1981

Note: This engine features an 'empty' distributor and a crank trigger unit paired with a toothed wheel mounted on the harmonic balancer.

280ZX Turbo - 1982 & 1983

Note: These engines feature the common "Turbo Distributor" with the crank angle sensor situated right underneath the rotor button inside the distributor. This unit is the same as the VG30 CAS and looks identical to all other mass produced Nissan CAS of the 80's through '00's

R32 RB20DET - 1989-1994

Note: The bee's-knees for Nistuning. The RB20DET Blue Plug ECU doesn't have any of the lockout like the RB25 (S1&2) ECUs.


S13 SR20DET - 1990-1994

S14 SR20DET - 1993–1998

S15 SR20DET - 1999–2002