Stock Camshafts.

This page contains information regarding Nissan L-Series Camshafts.

Most of the camshafts installed in the Nissan L-Series motors are cross compatible; they are all physically the same dimensions (bearing surfaces), but the core type differs. You need to have a camshaft with the same core type as the cam towers your head has.

The table below lists the most common of the L-Series cams and their specs. Please note that the following table does not contain a complete catalog.

L6 Camshafts

This list is not exhaustive. Engines like the LD28 and L20A haven't been included due to their scarcity or general obscurity; plus chances are the oddball cams are gonna be shit anyways lol.



    • BTC = Before Top Center

    • ABC = After Bottom Center

    • BBC = Before Bottom Center

    • ATC = After Top Center

Cam Mark:

    • The camshaft mark can be located on the firewall end of the camshaft.

    • L20ET (05L or Y70 unknown) has a H marked camshaft.

L4 Camshafts

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