Nissan differentials were primarily delivered in two formats; the R180, and the R200. The R160 and R230 also belong to the Nissan R-Series differential family but are often excluded for their general weakness and difficulty with installation respectively.

Factory R180 & R200 Deliveries

The following models are known as "Long Nose" differentials as they are the lengthier variant of the R-Series differentials. All the following differentials will fit within a C-XXX or S-XX(X) chassis vehicle with little modification. Most commonly the rear differential bracing must be re-fabricated to accommodate for the larger housing

R200 LSD

R200 long nose's came in two LSD variants:

Clutch LSD models were available in the following:

  • HR31

    • 3.9

    • 4.11

    • 4.3

  • DR30

    • 3.9

  • Z31

    • 3.54

    • 3.7

    • 3.9

These differentials all use a 29 spline and 30mm OD half shaft.

Viscous LSD were available in the following:

  • Z31 ('88 Only - Shiro)

  • Y31

These differentials use a 30 spline and 31mm OD half-shaft.

R200 Notes

  • All long-nose R200 variants utilized a Clutch-Type LSD with the exception of '88 White SS's as they featured a 3.7 Viscous-Type LSD.

  • All Australian delivered LSD units come fitted with a smooth rear cover.

  • All US LSD units post '87 can be identified via a finned rear cover.

  • EU Z31 Turbo LSD differentials featured a high volume cover in either one of two variants; tapped for external oil cooling, or untapped for high volume only. Untapped covers can be tapped to fit external cooler fittings.

  • R200 LSD units also came fitted on the import HR31 Skyline Coupe with a 4.3 ratio, and Sedan (Passage) with a 4.11 ratio.

  • The R200 long noses were also available in the S12 Turbo's and post 10/83 MR30's


The Nissan C200 is a Salisbury style differential used in a number of models ranging from the 80's to early 2000's. Like the R200, the C200 features a 200mm ring gear and depending on the year 10 or 12mm bolting hardware.

The C200 was installed on the following:

  • 720

    • Z24

  • D21

    • KA24DE?

    • KA24E

    • VG30E

    • Z24

  • WD21

    • TD27T

    • VG30E

    • Z24i

  • D22

    • ZD30

    • YD25

    • KA24DE

While all C200's feature the 200mm ring gear not all the centers are compatible.

The more limiting of the differences relates to the input shaft size and index. This factor prevents implementation in most cases:


C200's manufactured before late 2001 utilise a 29 Spline 30mm input shaft.

Those manufactured after late 2001 use a 31 Spline 32mm shaft.

Fastener Size

C200's produced before 4/86 fasten the ring gear to the diff center with 10mm high tensile bolts while those post 4/86 use 12mm high tensile bolts.

It's possible to use a 10mm center with a 12mm ring gear through either collared bolts or bushes. It's not possible to assemble a differential the other way around.

C/R200 Compatibility

The point of mentioning the C200 is due to the fact that it shares the same desired CLSD center as those import R200's.

It's worth noting that the C200 pinion and ring gear set is the same as those in short nose R200's and as such cannot be used in a long nose setup. This however means that ratios from a short nose S-Chassis car can be installed into a C200

The C200 lies in a sweet spot where it is for the most part splined like a long nose differential but in a housing that mirrors a short differential.

In the event that the whole C200 is being used in a live axle setup (620/720 cutdown) it is possible to use the H195 720 driveshafts in place of custom shafts when shortening the differential as they are the correct spline yet shorter than stock C200 units.

Finned Differential Covers

High volume, fins for cooling, ports for an external oil-cooler, rare, and rad as hell.

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